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Income From Continuing Operations (All You Need To Know)

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What Is Income From Continuing Operations 

Income from continuing operations represents the income that companies report on their income statement resulting from their regular business operations.

In other words, the revenue that a company generates by conducting its normal operations is considered income from continuing operations.

For any business to survive and remain profitable, it must be able to consistently generate revenues from its operations.

Investors, business owners, and entrepreneurs will typically look at a company’s operating income to ensure that they are on the right track.

Another way to understand what is income from continuing ops is to look at what it is not.

So income a company reports as a result of a merger, acquisition, divestiture, or an exceptional one-time operation is not earned in the normal day-to-day operations of the business.

If you want to learn more about a company’s income or loss from continuing operations, you’ll need to consult their financial statements, particularly the income statement, for details.

Typically, companies produce a multi-step income statement where the company breaks down its income and revenues in more detail.

Let’s break down “income from continuing operations” into two parts: income and continuing operations.

What Is Income

Income is a term used to refer to what a company makes from various sources.

A company can come from many sources such as a company’s operations, from the sale of marketable securities, the sale of real estate assets, the renting of equipment, the rendering of services, or other.

Every company has one or specific areas of focus where they specialize in earning income in an effective and profitable way in a particular niche, segment, or industry.

Profitable companies that are successful and are destined to grow are the ones that can consistently generate a sufficient amount of income to pay for all its operations, expenses, and end up with residual income that it can reinvest in the business.

What Are Continuing Operations

Continuing operations refers to the business segments or business operations that are expected to be operated by the company in the future.

In other words, a company’s continuing operation relates to the area where a company intends to put most of its time, energy, resources, and money to develop.

The core focus of a company or its primary activity is what we refer to as the company’s main operation and income from that is income from continuing operations.

Typically, a company will report income coming from its “continuing operations” separately from other income sources or discontinued operations.

Net Income From Continuing Operations

What’s the difference between “income from continuing operations” and “net income from continuing operations”?

Essentially, the net income from continuing operations is a line item that you’ll find in a company’s income statement representing the after-tax earnings that a company generated from its primary operations.

The net income from operational activities excludes income from one-time events, special income, or money generated from discontinued operations. 

The more a company is able to produce a higher net income from operations, the more you can consider the company to be healthy and financially sound.

Why Is Income From Operations Important

A financially healthy and successful company needs to generate profits from its core business operations.

For example, if you have a company producing consumer goods, it must be able to report net profits from its continuing operations to show that it is doing well and is a profitable business.

However, if the same company is losing money from operations or earning more money from non-core business activities, then you’ll need to dig deeper into the company’s finances to assess its profitability and overall risk.

Generally, you may see a healthy company report a consistent trend of profits coming from the company’s day-to-day operations and sometimes it may even generate more non-core operations.

That can happen if the company performs merger and acquisition operations or discontinues certain types of operations, spinoffs, or other.

Income From Continuing Operations Formula

What is the formula for income from continuing operations?

Here is the operating income formula:

Operating Income = Total Revenues – Direct Costs – Indirect Costs

You can also calculate it as follows:

Operating Income = Gross Profit – Operating Expenses – Depreciation – Amortization

Or you can add income back to the net income as follows:

Operating Income = Net Earnings + Interest Expenses + Taxes

How To Calculate Income From Continuing Operations

How do you calculate income from continued operations?

The first step is to take the company’s total revenues.

From that, you’ll need to deduct the company’s cost of sales to get to the firm’s gross profit.

The cost of sales includes the material, resources, and labor needed to produce the company’s goods.

From the gross profit, you’ll deduct the company’s expenses like wages, supplies, lease expenses, administration expenses, and more, to get to the income from continuing operations.

Example of Continuing Operations Income

Let’s look at an example of continued operations income to better illustrate the concept.

Imagine that you have a company in the business of selling shoes.

Any income the company earns by selling different types of shoes is considered as operating income as it’s linked to the company’s core business focus.

Imagine that during the course of the year, the company sells a shoe factory as it decided to discontinue the production of a specific type of shoe made in that factory.

The money coming from the sale of the factory is an exceptional income that is not closely linked to the way the company ordinarily earns its income.

As a result, the sale of the factory will be shown as “other income” on a company’s financial statement.

Successful companies are able to make money and be profitable by selling goods and services directly linked to their business operations and focus.

A company earning money through the liquidation of assets but losing money in operations may not be in a good financial position and you’ll need to investigate further to better understand why this is the case. 

Continuing Operations Income Takeaways 

So, there you have it folks!

How do you calculate income from continued operations?

What is income from continuing operations before income taxes?

How to find income from continuing operations?

In this article, that’s exactly what I have broken down for you so you can have a much better understanding of the topic.

For a company to be financially strong, it must be able to produce stable, steady, and profitable income from its main operations.

A company’s going concern is crucial for investors to assess the risk associated with a particular company.

Continued business operations are those operations that a company actively pursues as part of its core mission.

The income produced through a company’s ongoing operations is what we call income from continuing operations (or operating income).

Analysts, creditors, investors, lenders, and other stakeholders will regularly look at a company’s income from operations to assess its financial health.

A company showing income from non-recurring operations may raise a red flag as opposed to one that is making money through its main operations.

It’s important to understand a companies income or loss from continued operations to ensure that you have a good overall understanding of the company’s financial position.

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Earnings From Continuing Operations

  • Revenues from continuing operations represent the money a company makes by selling goods and services directly related to its primary business activity 
  • Typically, in a multi-step income statement, you’ll find it as a line item representing how much money the company has made from its continuing operations 
  • IFCO does not include money made by closing down a business operation, discontinuing operations, selling a business unit, or M&A activities 
  • A healthy company is one that is able to generate profits from its core business operations
  • Income from operations is different than net income as it only relates to the company’s “main operations” whereas net income refers to a company’s income from all recurring and non-recurring sources 
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