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What Does Money Spreading Mean

The phrase money spreading can have different meanings depending on the context.

Let’s look at the different possible meanings of money spreading.

Money Spread In Finance

In finance, spread refers to the difference between two prices or values.

For example, if you look at stock prices, the difference between the bid and ask prices represents the spread between the two.

A spread can be calculated between:

  • Stock prices
  • Bond prices 
  • Commodity prices 
  • Comparing yields
  • Comparing rates
  • Comparing returns

Money Spread In Options Trading

Money spread in options trading refers to an investment strategy when a trader buys an option and sells an identical option with the strike price being the feature that is different in the two trades.

In other words, the options will both have the same expiration but will have a different strike price.

Traders will look at how to spread money to maximize their returns and generate more profits.

Money Spreading In Budgeting

If you are referring to personal budgeting or company budgeting, the term money spreading can mean that a person or a company is not spending money properly.

The money is being “spread” over and not generating a proper return or is not allowing a person to save money.

For example, a person who spends on all kinds of things without having a clear plan is spreading his or her money expenditure possibly in an unsound fashion.

In this case, the money is scattered and not being allocated properly for maximum utility.

Money spreading is also a phrase that can mean that the person or company is trying to spend as little as possible by getting the most value as possible (it’s like spreading the value of the money).

Money Spreading In English

In the common English lingo, we refer to money spreading as when a person holds dollar bills in their hands and spreads them.

Alternatively, the money can be spread on a table.

You can refer to money spreading when you are using casino chips and spreading them on the table as well.

Money Spread Out Takeaways 

So, there you have it folks!

Wondering what is the meaning of money spreading?

Depending on the context, “money spreading” can have different meanings.

In this article, I’ve looked at the meaning of spreading money in finance, options trading, personal budgeting, and in the English language.

Good luck!

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Money Spreading Overview

  • Money spreading or spread in finance means the difference between two prices, yields, or values
  • In options trading, “money spreading” refers to the purchase and sale of the same options contract where only the strike price is different 
  • In corporate budgeting or personal budgeting, it means when a person is spending money in a scattered way without any concrete plans 
  • Spreading money in common English can refer to a person actually spreading a pile of cash in their hands or on a table 
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