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What Is Source of Income 

Source of income can have different meaning depending on the context of the question.

“Source of income” in general refers to where your income is coming from.

For example, is your income coming from dividends, a business, rental properties, royalties, your employment, and so on.

In other words, a source of income is a source or origin providing you with an income either regularly, occasionally, or on a one-time basis.

Source Meaning

“Source” of income means where your money is coming from.

You are earning your income from your job, getting it from a retirement plan, an inheritance, a business, your investments, etc.

Wherever you are generating income, that’s considered to be the “source”.

Income Meaning

Income is defined as money that you receive on a regular basis.

For instance, when you work on a job, you are paid a salary or wages (that’s your employment income).

If you are an investor, you may get money from your investments (that’s your investment income).

Source of Income For Investors

If you are an investor or looking to grow your wealth, source of income refers to the ways you are generating your income.

You may have active or passive sources of income allowing you to build your wealth.

For example, an active source of income is if you own your own business and you are actively engaged in that business to generate an income for yourself.

A passive source of income is when you invest your money in instruments generating an income for you like buying dividend stocks (it’s passive as you don’t work to generate that cash).

Source of Income For Taxpayers

If you are a taxpayer looking to file your income taxes, your source of income can refer to the geographical location or jurisdiction where you are earning your income.

For example, if you are earning your income from sources located in New York, your source of income is from New York.

On the other hand, if you earned your income from another country, your income will be from a foreign source.

Source of Income Example

Let’s look at a few examples of different ways you can make money or have a source of income.

On this website, I specialize in helping my audience understand and build sources of income in different ways (and there are plenty).

I can’t give you an exhaustive list but here is a list of what you can consider source of income:

  • Making money online
  • Making money as an affiliate marketer
  • Making money by completing surveys
  • Making money on GPT sites (“Get Paid To” sites)
  • Making money as a blogger
  • Making money as a content marketer
  • Making money selling software products
  • Making money selling ebooks
  • Making money dropshipping
  • Making money as a freelancer
  • Making money as a paid game tester
  • Making money selling services on Fiverr
  • Making money on social media
  • Making money making videos on YouTube
  • Making money on Instagram
  • Making money on Amazon
  • Making money on Etsy
  • Making money podcasting 
  • Making money selling online courses
  • Making money selling your photos
  • Making money flipping websites
  • Making money on eBay
  • Making money starting your own business
  • Making money from your day job 

I guess you get the point!

Anything that 

Source of Income Meaning Takeaways 

So, there you have it folks!

What does source of income mean?

Source of income is defined as the origin of where your income is coming from.

For example, investment income, employment income, subscription income, rental income, and so on.

The origin of your income can be the asset or method that you are earning your income or the place, location, or territory where your income is coming from.

For example, income from New York, California, or foreign sources.

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Source of Income Definition 

  • The sources where you obtain income is called a source of income
  • The source of income can be defined as the type of income you are generating such as employment income, business income, investment income, and so on
  • Source of income can also be the place, country, or jurisdiction where your income is coming from such as domestic income or foreign income 
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