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Target Affiliate Program (Full Review: All You Need To Know)

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What Is The Target Affiliate Program 

The Target Affiliate Program is a program allowing you to refer leads to target and in exchange you get a commission when a sale is made.

Target is a well-known retailer that offers similar various types of retail products as Walmart and other large-surface retail stores.

What Is The Target Affiliate Program 

In fact, after Walmart, Target is the second largest retailer in the United States.

Believe it or not, Target has been in business since 1902.

As early as 1999, Target when online and eventually started offering an online affiliate program.

Target is a well-known brand and has a high level of brand reputation, recognized by most American consumers.

This makes the Target affiliate marketing interesting as you don’t need to sell the brand, it sells for itself.

The affiliate program offered by Target is similar to what you’d get by signing up with the Walmart affiliate program.

Target is flexible in accepting new affiliates to their program and provides a revenue-sharing commission payout model.

You’ll need to have a niche blog or website, produce great content, and avoid certain prohibited industries such as gambling, offensive content, or others.

You can go to the Target affiliate program information page to learn more about their program.

How Does The Target Program Work

The Target affiliate program lets you refer their products to your online audience.

Let’s see how their affiliate program works and do a full Target affiliate program review.

Eligible Products

Through their affiliate program, you are able to promote the following: 

  • Apparels and accessories products
  • Home and outdoor living products
  • Baby gear and furniture products
  • Health and beauty products

Some examples of actual products you can offer are:

  • Men and women’s clothing
  • Baby clothes, toys
  • Furniture
  • Home decorations 
  • Patio sets
  • Garden products 
  • School and office supplies 
  • Household essentials
  • Luggage 
  • Health products 

And more…

If you can promote Target products to people looking for home products or things for outside living, apparel, and beauty products, you have an opportunity to earn affiliate payouts.

Excluded Product Categories

However, Target has many products that are excluded and will not result in any affiliate commissions to you, such as:

  • Digital entertainment like music, movies, and others
  • Electronics like TV, hardware, home electronics and other 
  • Baby care items
  • Books and magazines
  • Snacks and candies
  • Food items like meat, fruits, soda, bulk coffee etc
  • Groceries
  • Household commodities 
  • Sporting goods 
  • Video games and consoles
  • Pharmacy goods 
  • Photos 
  • Gift cards 
  • Books 

It’s important that you refer to Target’s excluded products to ensure that you spend time and energy promoting something that you’ll end up getting compensated for.

Affiliate Eligibility

To make money with Target, you are flexible in the way you can market and promote their products.

You can use deep linking strategies, use funnel software, use email marketing, do reviews, or other digital marketing strategies to get users to purchase from Target.

Application Process

You can sign up with the Target Affiliate Program through Target’s own Affiliate website.

In other words, you don’t have to sign up for their affiliate program by going through an affiliate network account.

Just like most other affiliate programs, you don’t have any fees to apply for the program.

Target Market

Also, your traffic source should be mainly from the United States.

Since Target does not offer international shipping, if you sell to customers outside of the United States, they will not be able to get their products.

To make money with the affiliate program offered by Target, you’ll need to promote their qualified goods to a US-based audience allowing Target to deliver its products within the United States.

Referral Period

Another key aspect of the Target referral program is that you have a 7-day referral period.

Essentially, if a customer purchases a qualified product from Target within seven days from their original click to your affiliate program link, you’ll receive an affiliate commission from Target.


The commission you’d expect to get is going to be better on some products compared to Amazon (following Amazon’s cut of commission rates). 

As a result, you’ll need to compare the products with Walmart and Amazon if you want to see where you stand with Target.

Also, the more you sell, the more your commission rate can go up.

Essentially, Target’s commission rate increases with better performance.

For example, if you sell between 0 to 10 items in the Apparel & Accessories category, you will get a 5% commission.

However, if you sell over 10,000 items in a month, you can get an 8% commission.

Between 10 and 10,000 orders, the commission increases from 5% to 8%.

Currently, the commission rates are as follows:

  • Apparel & Accessories: 5% to 8%
  • Home & Outdoor Living: 5% to 8%
  • Baby Gear & Furniture: 3% to 5%
  • Health & Beauty: 1%

Here is the comparison with the Amazon affiliate program:

  • Apparel & Accessories: 7%
  • Home & Outdoor Living: 8%
  • Baby Gear & Furniture: 4.5%
  • Health & Beauty: 4.5%

And the Walmart affiliate program:

  • Apparel & Accessories: 4%
  • Home & Outdoor Living: 4%
  • Baby Gear & Furniture: 4%
  • Health & Beauty: 4%

Affiliate Support And Tools

The Target affiliate program managed by Impact providing you with affiliate tools, banners, and other elements you need to be successful as a Target affiliate.

You can find banners, swipes, and other promotional collateral to improve your affiliate marketing campaigns.

In addition to that, Target will regularly send you information and content relating to special promotions and other promotional incentives like a coupon code that you can offer your audience.

When you sign up, you get access to a Target affiliate login where you will have your Target dashboard giving access to a host of useful information and content.

Benefits To Becoming An Affiliate of Target

Why should you join the affiliate program offered by Target?

There are a few key reasons why you may choose to join Target’s program catered to affiliates and referral partners.

Vast Product Selection

The first main reason is that they have over million different types of products that they offer.

That’s right, you name it, they probably got it.

By joining their program, you have a vast selection of products that you can choose to promote and earn affiliate commission from.

Recognized Brand

The second important factor is that Target is a well-known brand that consumers like and trust.

When you sell goods from a reputable company, you assume less risk as an affiliate marketer that your audience gets scammed or cheated.

Target is consumer-centric, has a great brand reputation, and will not pose any risk to you or your audience.

Escalating Commissions

If you are able to help Target generate a lot of sales, well, you get more money!

Target’s escalating sales commission is designed to reward affiliate marketers that are able to drive more leads (ultimately more sales) to Target.

This is always a good incentive to have the affiliates work harder and bring in more traffic and leads.

Cookie Duration

What’s interesting with Target’s program for affiliates is that you have a one-week cookie that is above what you’d expect from its competitors and big e-commerce affiliate programs.

With a seven-day cookie, you will earn commissions for any sales made by Target to a user that clicked on your affiliate link for an entire week period.

Compared to Amazon, this is seven times better as you’ll only get 24 hours of cookie-life with Amazon.

Affiliate Support

Although you may not be able to find Target competitive on all the products they sell as compared to Walmart or Amazon, you will certainly be happy with the level of affiliate support they offer.

The service you’ll get as an affiliate marketer is top-notch.

With the proper support, you can take full advantage of all the Target program has to offer so you can be successful in referring them to your audience.

Drawbacks of the Target Affiliate Program

Now that we’ve looked at the benefits of signing up with Target as an affiliate marketer, what are the cons of signing up?

High-Value Products Excluded

The most notable drawback in registering with Target as an affiliate marketing agent is that you don’t get any commission on high-valued items such as electronics, digital entertainment, sports, and the like.

The products with which you can make serious money are off the table, televisions, electronics, laptops, computers, PC parts, toys, hobby equipment, pet supplies, and more.

Target Retail Stores

Another important disadvantage of dealing with Target is that you are effectively competing directly with Target offering over 1,700 retail stores to its customers across the United States.

In many cases, your customers may get to your affiliate marketing blog, even click your affiliate link, but not make an online purchase.

Rather, they may choose to go to the nearest Target retail store to buy the same thing.

No International Shipment 

If you work with Target, bear in mind that you will need to bring qualified leads located in the United States to make any money.

If your audience is primarily located outside of the US, the Target program may not be good for you as they don’t offer international shipments. 

Lower Conversion Rate

Comparing Target to its competitors, you can expect a lower conversion rate on the traffic you send their way.

As you may have guessed, Amazon dominates the online e-commerce sector.

Target, although well-known to US consumers, does not have the same online conversion and performance as Amazon but your prospects also have the option to buying from a Target store as opposed to their online platform.

For this reason, you can expect a lower conversion rate.

How To Make Money As A Target Affiliate

The most effective way you can make money as an affiliate of Target is to build a blog or website where you can drive a high volume of organic traffic to Target.

Keep in mind that the types of products that you can promote through Target are low-margin types of products (in many cases) and so your commission will not be that high on a per-product basis.

You’ll need a high volume of sales to make it worth your time and investment.

If you are strong with SEO, content marketing, and can generate consistently high levels of organic traffic, you are a good candidate to make money with Target.

Using other techniques like paying for Google ads, Facebook ads, or other types of paid online advertising will probably not get you to be profitable with Target.

You’ll end up spending more money on ads than you’d be able to make in selling the products.

If you use the SEO affiliate marketing strategy, you can create a “sales funnel” where you attract users to your blog when they are searching for a particular product, you provide them with explanations, reviews, and key decision-making tips, and eventually drive them to your affiliate marketing program.

Driving traffic to Target through your social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can also be interesting if you have a good number of followers or you have low-cost methods for driving traffic to your blog.

Is The Target Affiliate Program Worth Joining

Overall, I think the “Target affiliate program” is a good program to join if you have a nice niche blog or website and have a good volume of organic traffic every month coming from the United States.

If you have a website that is somehow related to apparel, accessories, home products, outdoor living, baby gear, furniture, health, and beauty products, you can make a decent commission with Target with a high volume of sales.

What’s interesting is that the more sales you are able to generate per month, the more your Target affiliate program commissions go up.

Many will immediately compare Target with either Amazon or Walmart.

Although the types of products that you can earn money from Target are similar to products that you can sell through Walmart or Amazon, you may find great opportunities if you are in a particular niche.

Amazon will convert better than Target but you’ll get less in commissions.

On the other hand, Target may not convert as well as Walmart or Amazon but you may get more commission for each sale.

The best strategy is to start the program and see if the results are worth your time and investment. 

You should also keep in mind that you get a good level of in-house support from Target and through Impact (previously Impact Radius).

You can take advantage of their marketing collateral, newsletters, special promotions, and the overall support they offer their affiliates.

Target Affiliate Takeaways 

So, there you have it folks!

In this article, I’ve broken down the Target affiliate program for you so you can decide if this is something that makes sense for you to join.

In summary, you can expect to receive 1% to 8% commission from Target on products in the categories of home, outdoor living, baby gear, furniture, accessories, health products, and beauty products.

You have a 7-day cookie allowing you to earn a commission for any qualified purchases made by your lead within seven days of their click on your affiliate link.

If you operate in a niche segment and have a high level of traffic coming from the United States, you can make descend income with Target commissions.

You also get benefits from Target’s in-house support, promotional banners, marketing material, and dedicated affiliate management team.

In the end, if you can check the above boxes, the Target program for affiliates may be right for you!
Check out the Target affiliate program landing page or have a look at their company starting with Target’s homepage.

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Target Affiliate Program Review

  • Target offers a revenue share (RevShare) type of affiliate marketing program where you earn a commission for referring leads buying qualified goods and products
  • Target is a well-known brand that offers an online e-commerce platform for consumers to buy from them
  • If you have a blog, website, or other online channels where you can drive a high volume of leads to Target, you may make good money in affiliate commissions 
  • Overall, there are good benefits in signing up as an affiliate marketer with Target
  • Target’s program does not qualify you for commissions for the sale of all types of products, be sure to properly identify what you want to sell to ensure you will be compensated  
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