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What Is A Personal Blog on Instagram 

A personal blog on Instagram is essentially an Instagram page where you write about yourself, talk about your day-to-day life, share your personal pictures and videos, and really focus on yourself.

When your Instagram page is all about you and is centered around your image, life, and personal life in general, we’ll call your Instagram page a “personal blog”.

Those who create and grow their personal blogs can do it for a variety of reasons such as becoming an influencer, branding their own self image, finding ways to market products and services, and even just for the fun of it.

Anyone can become a personal blogger on Instagram by creating a page and posting things about their personal lives.

However, if your objective is to brand yourself or become an influencer, you’ll need to build an audience and have followers.

Those who have a following will use their own image as a brand to market products or even work with companies that will collaborate with influencers to build their own brand image.

Instagram Personal Blogs

There are two types of Instagram accounts that you can have: a business account or a personal account.

The Instagram business accounts have additional bells and whistles useful to businesses like getting more statistics, the number of times users have saved your posts, and others.

An Instagram personal account is a regular account where you have a plain vanilla Instagram account allowing you to post your personal content.

No matter what type of blog you have, you need to publish content, be engaging, and have the right strategies to grow your personal blog or brand.

Instagram Hashtags

Instagram is a social media platform that works using hashtags.

Depending on the hashtags you use, you can reach the type of audience you wish to attract to your personal blog.

If you can post your stories at the right time and use the right hashtags, you can successfully grow your audience to thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of followers.

What Does An Instagram Personal Blogger Do

An Instagram personal blogger is a person who writes about his or her personal life.

Consider Instagram to be your daily journal but online where you share your experiences, feelings, personal plans, personal thoughts, and other personal aspects of your life.

In addition to Instagram personal blogging, you can have different types of personal blogs like on WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, or other blogging platforms.

Instagram is a platform where personal bloggers tend to focus on building up an audience where they are personally the center of attention (or the “brand” if you will).

Successful Instagram personal bloggers tend to develop a significant audience where they become influencers.

There are many examples of Instagram personal bloggers that have been approached by famous brands to have them collaborate and sign deals thereby making more money in the process.

Types of Personal Blogs

There are different types of personal blogs out there all depending on what aspect of your life you are looking to share.

Here are some common personal blogging niches:

  • Personal travel blogs
  • Personal fashion blogs
  • Personal lifestyle blogs
  • Personal DIY blogs
  • Personal fitness blogs
  • Personal food blogs

How Does Personal Blog On Instagram Work

Creating a page on Instagram is pretty straightforward and I will not cover that here.

How To Start A Personal Blog On Instagram

Getting a personal blog on Instagram is quite simple.

Here is how you open a personal blog on Instagram:

  • Create an Instagram account
  • Click on the three vertical dots on the top right of the window
  • Select your profile 
  • Connect your page with Facebook
  • Turn on the public profile option

And there you have it, your own personal Instagram blog.

Personal Blog Growth Strategies

What I want to discuss here is how a personal blog works on Instagram if you are looking to build an audience and have followers. 

A personal blogger on Instagram will use different strategies to build a fan base or followers on Instagram.

Some of the Instagram personal blog strategies are:

  • To post your stories at the right time
  • To use the right hashtags
  • To use different types of stories to connect with your audience 
  • To post engaging content 
  • To be consistent in creating content 

When you use hashtags, you are able to connect with others who have similar interests allowing you to grow your audience.

When you write stories that engage and connect with your audience, you increase the chances of having followers as people get inspired by you, or see commonalities attracting them to you.

Personal Blog Instagram Takeaways 

So, there you have it folks!

What is personal blog on Instagram?

An Instagram personal blog is essentially a blog that you operate through Instagram where you are the core focus of the blog, you talk about your personal life, what you are doing, what’s happening to you, and so on.

For example, many personal bloggers will post photos of food they are eating, or things that they are doing, things happening in their life now, things they are planning, and so on.

Writing great content and deploying the right strategies can lead to a lot of success on Instagram which includes the possibility of making a lot of money.

If you are consistent, write engaging material, think differently, you will win at the Instagram personal blog game!

Now that you know the personal blog meaning on Instagram, good luck with your project and plans (and have lots of fun!!).

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